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Our supply chain management division provides services across a product’s life-cycle. We take a preemptive, rather than a reactionary, approach to managing assets. Our warehouse and logistics services support retail, consumables, government, and communications industries.   ProArgent specializes in engineering, installation and monitoring of IT Network, Security and Telecom Technologies. We create in-building wireless solutions that help property owners leverage technologies in order to create building eco-systems that facilitate business tenant prosperity.
G-Argent focuses on helping our customers fulfill their Sustainability goals. Through Life cycle Management and Green Products G-Argent works to protect our planet using our supply chain experience and service and the belief that new products can be created from old ones.   Business Solutions is the Research & Development arm of Argent Associates. Argent has been on the forefront of cloud based services for ten years. Our team of engineers and programmers develop eco-system products and services that help redefine the future business environment.