About Us

Argent Associates’ mission is to offer innovative supply chain solutions that deliver real-time information, increase security, introduce process efficiencies and deliver high quality products and services to our customers while protecting the environment.

Quality Policy: “Argent is committed to continuously improving the quality of our products and services. We want to be known in the industry as a company that is exemplar of excellence.”
Environmental Protection Policy: “Argent shares our community’s commitment to environmental protection. All Employees have a social and job responsibility to prevent pollution during our work activities. We do so with a conscious effort to improve the air we breathe, the water we drink and the earth we inhabit. We expect that all employees take responsibility for recycling cans, bottles, paper and plastics. We also expect that any hazardous materials be processed as per government guidelines.”
Responsible Recycling Policy: “It is Argent’s policy to recycle technology products and a safe and responsible manner. Responsibility includes ensuring downstream suppliers comply and ensure the focus/hazardous materials are processed in a way that the environment is protected.”
Occupational Health and Safety Policy: “It is Argent’s policy to maintain a work environment that is clean, healthy, fun and safe. Our policy is extended to include maintaining a work environment that is free of drugs, hazards, harassment and discrimination. We believe that a healthy and safe environment at work will contribute to a positive environment at home that will strengthen Argent’s extended family.”
Confidentiality: “It is Argent’s policy to protect employee, company, customer, and supplier confidential information. At no time are employees to share confidential information with other employees, customers or suppliers.
Non-Compete: It is Argent’s policy not to engage in business activities that would compete with our customers. It is also prohibited that employees engage in business activities that will compete with or hinder Argent’s business activities.

Quality: ISO 9000, TL 9000, R2, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001
Technology : CommScope, Solid, Alcatel, Cisco, Aruba, iBwave, Windcatcher