About Us

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Argent Associates’ mission is to offer innovative supply chain solutions that deliver real-time information, increase security, introduce process efficiencies and deliver high quality products and services to our customers while protecting the environment.


square feet across 11 facilities

$1.2 Billion

assets managed

$300 Million

available capital


growing woman-led company


certified enterprise

Argent Associates’ vision is to be the Leading Supplier of Supply Chain Managed services as well as supporting products that are aligned with our mission.

Argent is committed to deliver quality products and services to our customers with the highest integrity and regard for our environment. High quality products and services are prerequisite to our business success and continued growth. It is in this light that we established the following principles for our employees and business partners:

Care Enough: Care enough about us and each other to draw out the best in each other in a way that makes work exciting and fun.

Be Empowered: We are empowered to take responsibility for making great things happen for our business and our customers.

Be Excellent: We commit ourselves to raise the performance bar way above our competition, by continuously improving our business and ourselves.

Be a Team: We are dedicated to each other so that our business and we can prosper and grow.

Believe: We dare to believe in ourselves enough to create a value that exceeds our and our customer’s expectations.

Edison, NJ – 85K SF – Distribution, R&S, Repair – TL9000 Certified
Alsip, IL – 30K SF – Distribution
Johnstown, NY – 50K Asset Recovery, Distribution, R&S
Atlanta, GA – Distribution
Plano, TX – R&S (Headquarters) – TL9000 Certified